@ Rich Coast Diving

Rich Coast Diving has been very active for various years in marine conservation and every year we are trying to expand with the help of you. We are learning every day. Discovering new things and starting new projects. Our marine conservation program has been very popular but now we are taking it a notch up. We have joined forces with Mision Tiburon.


This program is a great add on to your Divemaster Internship. Adding extra specialties will always make you a better PADI Pro.

You will focus your time on learning about Marine conservation. We will start by Identifying fish and dives where we do fish counts. You will be spending time in the classroom to listen to lectures.

Also included is time with a real scientist. You will be participating in a project with Mision Tiburon ( a non- profit organization) Their presentation will train you in Sharks and Rays identification, shark count and how to do laser measurements. You will be on the boat with a Shark expert as well as a Marine Biologist to get all the info you need to apply during your time here. You will be participating in an official shark research program as well as reporting your findings in the database of Mision Tiburon.

We are also creating a database for puffer fish, therefore you will be doing puffer fish counts and identification to record and publish.